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Predex™ HomepageHow Predex™ can help you ?heavy leg syndrome
How Predex™ can help you ? Heavy leg
How Predex™ can help you ? Swelling, edema  
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Chronic venous insufficiency
Varicose veins
Heavy Leg syndrome
Severe edema or swelling of the leg, ankle and foot
Premenstrual syndrome
Hemorrhoids & hemorrhoid crisis
Capillary fragility
Anti-inflammatory activity
Heavy Leg Syndrome
What causes the "Heavy Leg" syndrome ?

One of the symptoms that chronic veinous insufficiency (CVI) can easily produce is heavy or tired legs. As it stagnates in the vein, blood makes it dilate and cause calves and ankles to swell and also the tired and heavy feeling in the leg. Without treatment the leg veins will enlarge and worsen with time. In women these heavy leg syndrome symptoms become often more severe when a women is about to menstruate (luteal phase) See the "PMS" section. Heat, long periods of standing, pregnancy, obesity, improper diet, some contraceptive pills, are conditions proper to increase the heavy leg symptom.

Temporary solutions for dicrease the pain and the discomfort of the heavy leg symptom may be frequently massaging legs, preferably with a stimulating and veinotoning gel or cream, starting from the sole of the foot to the ankles and ending up to the knees and the hips. During the day, you may use a spray. You can also wear comfort stockings. Despite the beneficial aspect of these solutions that help reduce the unpleasant effect of the heavy legs symptom, they won’t neither ameliorate the disease itself (CVI) nor stop its graduate worsening.

Diosmin and "Heavy Leg" syndrome :

Here's a brief look at scientific studies shed light on how diosmin can help aginst heavy leg :

A 2002 study involving 5,052 Chronic venous insufficiency patients reported "continuous clinical improvement . . . throughout the study," with clinical scores for Chronic venous insufficiency-related pain, swelling, leg heaviness (heavy leg syndrome) and cramps all showing significant decrease after treatment with micronized diosmin and hesperidin for 6 months. [Jantet].

Diosmin also significantly reduced reported discomfort of "heavy leg" syndrome. [Carpentier].


How Predex™ can help you ? Swelling, edema  
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